Friday, 12 February 2010

Makeup Top Tips from The Perfect Face

Close to your wedding day? See our top makeup tips to help you glow on your day...


• Start looking after your skin. Our fantastically applied makeup looks better on a good skin, this involves drinking plenty of water, improving your cleansing and moisturising routine and maybe treat yourself to a few facials which will benefit your mind as well as your skin. As the date gets closer you will probably start to feel a little stressed and worry that you have thought of everything, there is nothing like an hour facial to help you relax.

• Pay attention to your eyebrows, the new technique of eyebrow threading is fantastic and can put the finishing touch to a perfect face.

• Ask your make up artist to help you choose a lipstick or gloss and double up on it so you can reapply throughout the day.

• Collect photos of hair styles you like and dislike so your make up artist has an idea of what you would like to achieve and also what you to avoid.

• If you are considering fake tan ALWAYS have a trial run to make sure you are completely happy with the end result.


• Dermalogica skin care is a great range that can really turn your skin around.

• Check out the Bobbi Brown cosmetic counter as their whole range has been redesigned and they have some gorgeous colours for bridal wear.

• For super sparkly lips there is no other than YSL Golden Gloss.

• Check out the new lash extensions called Extreme Lash, they are great for emphasizing your eyes and eliminate the need for mascara, so there is no concern for mascara streaked eyes if emotions run high!.

• A new brand called Ilamasqua has been launched in Selfridges with some amazing colours for the more adventurous.

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